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The Best Google Ads Strategies for Real Estate Websites

The Best Google Ads Strategies for Real Estate Websites

Using Google ads strategies for real estate websites can be an excellent way to instantly get in front of your target market.

Rather than waiting months to make progress in organic search engine results, you can immediately get to the top of the listings and potentially appear ahead of your competition. 

However, to ensure you don't waste your advertising budget, you need to know how to optimize your campaign.

Read on to find out about some of the most effective Google Ads strategies.

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Target Specific Locations

One of the biggest benefits of Google Ads is the ability to segment your campaigns. If you are too general, this can lead to reviewing poorly qualified leads that can take up your time without having a firm intention to buy.

However, if you sell property in several locations, you can have separate Google Ads appearing in front of consumers who show interest in those areas. 

This is a great way to find buyers who are more likely to buy at the end of the sales process.

Use Longtail Keywords

Longtail keywords consist of three words or more and allow you to reach highly qualified leads who enter these phrases into search engines. For example, you could include terms relating to property features such as 'swimming pool'.

Alternatively, you could enter a price that people may enter to search for houses within their budget.

Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords ensure your ad does not appear in front of buyers searching for terms unrelated to your business.

For example, if you sell larger homes, then you can include words such as 'small' in your negative keywords list. This strategy ensures your ads only appear to your target market to increase your chances of making sales.

Google Ads Strategies for Real Estate Websites and Copywriting 

Obtaining new leads using Google Ads for real estate website strategies requires writing attention-grabbing copy.

You could write your own copy or work with a professional, but you need to get it right if you are to keep your buyer's interest.

When someone clicks on your ad, they should immediately be impressed with the messaging on your website.

This is a great opportunity to create buyer curiosity and encourage them to pick up the phone or schedule an appointment.

Benefits from Ad Extensions

Real estate website Google Ads campaigns can hugely benefit from using ad extensions. For example, you could use a location extension that displays your office address.

You may then find people turning up more often to speak face-to-face with your staff. In addition, a message extension provides potential buyers with the ability to text you from their phones.

You can even compose a message encouraging them to get in touch. This is an excellent method for helping a customer take the next step toward meeting your team.

Paid Ads are one of the best tools for lead generation.

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Planning and implementing Google Ads strategies for real estate websites can be complex. At BREW, we have the experience and expertise to get the best return on your investment.

Our team continually analyzes your campaign results and optimizes your ads for cost-effective lead generation.

For a consultation and a free quote, contact our friendly team today.

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